Award* 2009 Rosebud Award
| Media Arts Festival
   Interactive Design Category (official site)

 Award* 4th China International Student Animation Festival
   Best Interactive Website (official site)

 Award* 2009 Webby Awards
   Offical Honoree (official site)

 Award* 2008 4th-place Honor : Media Arts Festival
   Animation Category (official site)

 Award* 2008 Nomination : RizeUp Film Festival
   Animation Category


 Media* Dec 2009 | CoolstateLA
   CSULA's Rosebud (pdf page) (link)

 Media* Dec 2009 | Mid Valley News
   CSULA¡¯s interactive nets Rosebud Award (pdf page) (link)

 Media* Dec 2009 | SoCal Minds
   Expertise, talent tapped for Hollywood, online (pdf page) (link)

 Media* Nov 2009 | News Release, CSULA
   Rosebud Award at Media Art Festival 2009 (pdf page) (link)

 Media* Nov 2009 | News Release, CSULA
   Media Art Festival 2009 (pdf page) (link)

 Media* June 2009 | Faria Academics Plus School | Cupertino Union School District
   Recommended website (link)

 Media* June 2009 | Eaton Elementary School
   Recommended website (link)

 Media* May 2009 | Wayland Student Press
   Webby Award (link)

 Media* Spring 2009 | Cal State L.A. Today
   Galaxy quest - Computer scientists, animators illuminate the universe through videos, games (pdf page) (link)

 Media* Nov 2008 | Cool State LA
   Winners of 2008 Media Art Festival (pdf page) (link)

 Media* 2008 | University Reports, CSULA
   Student Honors (pdf page) (link)

 Media* 2008 | News Release, CSULA
   Media Art Festival 2008 (pdf page) (link)

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