By the time the story of animations was developed, I had a stack of papers and images research on the origin and structure of universe and its expansion. My challenge is to figure out how to make an engaging 7-minute animation that teaches as much of these ideas as possible, and targeted at as wide an audience as possible. The animations must work in the museum, classroom, and on the Internet. Instead of putting whole ideas in one animation, I develop series of short animation storyboard with tight firm script. It allows me to create simple level of interaction with room for another level of information. It is important to me that there be a compelling narrative in the animation that simple and engaging enough for broad audience to follow. Each animation has its own complete story, so it can be shown separately. However, there are some connections between them, so one story can leads to another, and eventually the audience can get the whole picture about the origin and structure of universe.



This project is intended for most people. I would like every audience and user to understand when they leave. However it is important to narrow the intention in order to better focus the content and delivery. The most specific target group is high school students. The secondary group is educators.



Through out the narrative I want the audience emotionally to attach to the animations. For achieving this, I chose one historic characters in each story. First one has the story of Immanuel Kant. Second animation introduces the astronomer, Henrietta Leavitt, who discovered the relation between period and luminosity of stars. These characters talk about their story with their own voice. I tried to look at the topic from different angles, giving viewers options not just in terms of media but also content.